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Instagram - A Powerful Marketing Tool

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When it first launched in October 2010, Instagram was a simple, though very likable, app with a little over 1 million users.

Today it is one of the most successful apps in the world. Some might think that Instagram’s founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are just two nerds with a lot of luck. Anyone could have thought of image sharing.

But it isn’t just that.

The Back-story

Since the network’s launch, the duo had the ingenuity to add flattering filters, hash tag support, video, and many more features. Now, amateur photographers can proudly share their photos, fans can connect with famous people, and the common user can enjoy an endless sea of pictured-triggered inspiration. Systrom and Krieger’s crave for innovation and avantgarde in the social media race, has made Instagram the king of photo apps. Instagram’s success formula is a brief luck window and years and years of seizing opportunities.

But Instagram’s co-founders have not been the only ones to take advantage of the app’s unstoppable growing success. From local startups to huge multinational corporations, Instagram is not only everyone’s favorite photo app, but a powerful marketing tool. With no signs of slowing down, 48.8% of brands use the platform on a daily basis, and this number is expected to rise to 70.7% by the end of this year. This could surprise some, but with Instagram’s broad demographic appeal, it’s shocking not all businesses are taking advantage. Make sure to check WebsiteBuilders‘ infographic on Instagram’s facts and stats to learn more about how much the app can help your business!

Care to learn a thing or two about Instagram’s users?

If you are a US business owner, you’ll be pleased to know that since 2012, the number of American adult users has doubled, and 55% of them are 18-29 years old. But international brands benefit greatly from Instagram too, since more than 80% of its users are located outside the US. And if those number weren’t amazing enough, the salary spread of Instagram users is even better, with over a quarter of them hovering the $50k -$75k/ year mark. In a nutshell, if you are a business owner, you should know that Instagram is and app full with adults of many nationalities with great purchasing power. Can you hear the ringing cash registers yet?

No wonder why top brands post an average of 4.9 times per week on Instagram—a number that since the implementation of the 30-second ads for all advertisers in 2015, has grown a 50%. Some of these high-profile brands include Nike (68.1 million followers), National Geographic (65.7 million followers), Victoria’s Secret (49 Million followers), 9GAG (34.9 million followers) and many more.

These are just some of the endless reasons why Instagram has quickly become a well-loved marketing tool for startups and big brands. It won’t take long before more and more Instagrammers admit they’ve visited a website, searched for a brand, bought a product or told a friend, after being inspired by a post on the app.

Do you use Instagram in your business? Post your username in the comments so we can follow you.

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