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The Best Time to Post a Blog [Infographic]

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You've realized how important a business blog is and are churning out some great content for your audience. That's awesome! But you ask yourself, "Why are my views and engagement levels not where I want them to be?" The answer may seem simple, but it's crucial to the success of your blog. 

Knowing the best time to post a blog will boost traffic and you'll see more engagement, people commenting and sharing your post. The great people over at KISSmetrics have created the infographic below from their "The Science of Social Timing" series to help you optimize your posting times and reach your business blogging goals.
Note: Unless stated in the infographic, all times are in Eastern Time (EST)

When is the Best Time to Post a Blog?

Posting during high-activity hours will get you more visitors and engagement, but your content can be buried by other posts that are published similar times. Conversely, when you post during low-activity hours your blog will stand out because there is less content being released. You just have to test both time frames out to see which one works best for effectively reaching and engaging with your audience.

Most users read blogs throughout the day, but the morning looks to be the best time to target - 70% of them read blog content in the AM and that's significantly more than PM reading times.

Blogging Stats to Track

  • The average blog usually gets the most traffic on Monday at 11AM.
  • The average blog usually gets the most comments around 9AM.
  • The most inbound links come from blog content posted on Monday and Thursday at around 7AM.
  • Men tend to read more blogs in the evening and at night compared to women.
  • Blogs that post more content will see more unique views per month. It's that simple. 

    Now get posting!  


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