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Take A Peek At Our Packages

Inbound Marketing

You already know about inbound marketing and how it can increase your bottom line by guiding customers through every stage of their home buyer’s journey.

Perhaps you’ve even started implementing this strategy in your own organization. 

You know that time is money, but you’re beginning to realize that your marketing department just does not have the time - or the resources - to fully go inbound or focus on every component of your digital marketing strategy.

Marketing Ninjas specializes in helping you generate more inbound leads for your home building company, but what kind of deliverables do we offer? What value can we really bring to your company?

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Your curiosity is building and you can’t help but wonder how our strategy sets us apart from other marketing agencies. Your intrigue is insatiable. 

You’re thinking that you’d like to take a peek at our packages. 

Let's unzip this - don’t be shy.

Reading time: 10 minutes

Level: Novice

Key Takeaways:

  • details on our approach and strategy
  • what kind of package options we offer
  • what is included with your deliverables you get when you work with us
  • a look at the pricing you can plan for

Our Approach

Our packages come in three sizes that are customized to your liking.


We’ll talk more about that later, but for now, remember that:

“It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.” 

What we mean by that is regardless of what option you choose, we implement the same foundational strategy - the one that's been tested and proven. The difference lies in how quickly you want to ramp up your marketing efforts and get a positive return on your investment in our program.

The digital age has changed marketing forever and the way people buy homes has also changed.

When it comes to purchases, high-involvement products such as vehicles, and homes require the consumer to do excessive research. A person is going to take longer to research buying a new home than a new laptop - there’s no way around it.

A brand new home is as ‘high involvement’ as it gets. This means that as marketers in the home building industry, it’s our job to provide ample resources to be available at your customer's fingertips in order to seize every opportunity to convert a website visitor into a lead, and ultimately close a sale on one of your homes.

When your business goes inbound, you’re essentially building an automated marketing machine. Just imagine having a digital sales team that never sleeps and guides your prospects along their home buyer’s journey.

This is what we do. 

Package Perfection

When you decide to work with Marketing Ninjas, you’ll choose between three different packages to begin with. These are meant to be a starting point and are customizable so we can capitalize on your company’s strengths and available resources. And in each package, we provide a foundation of doing the heavy-lifting for you - that consistent effort day in and day out needed to make a digital marketing program a success.

Think of our packages as engines. They all serve the same purpose of driving up your lead generation, but the better the engine, the faster you’ll see a positive return on investment. While you can still reach the finish line in a 4-cylinder Honda, you'll get there a whole lot quicker in the V-12 Lamborghini.


The difference between our packages is the output, or the volume of weekly or monthly deliverables you’ll get and the time we spend on maintaining and fine-tuning your engine.

Here’s what’s included:

Hubspot Setup

Our program is built on top of Hubspot's world-class inbound marketing and sales software. While each of our clients are responsible for their own HubSpot subscription, as certified partners of HubSpot we've negotiated some sweet discounts for you. But to get this sweet piece of software working for you, you need to customize it to fit your needs. HubSpot's like a big piece of amazing clay - but it's up to you to shape it into what you need it to be.

Your Hubspot setup is included when you decide to work with Marketing Ninjas. With our near decade of experience, we've developed a highly optimized setup specific to the new home construction industry. You get workflows, funnels, lead management, and a complete CRM setup for your sales reps. We fine tune every last setting and template to make this the most powerful setup for home builders.

Take A Peek At Our Packages Blog ImageBlog Posts

Consider these as the fuel that drives your marketing engine. The higher quality of fuel you put in, the better the output of the engine.

The purpose of business blogging is to improve your website’s SEO, convert website visitors into leads, and establish yourself as a market leader in the eyes of your audience. Not to mention, when you answer your audience’s questions you'll be in a favourable position when they’re ready-to-buy and perhaps even refer you to a friend!

Our dedicated team of writers specializes in creating content that is tailored to each stage of the home buyer’s journey. We write on topics that your clients are interested in or have questions about, including:

  • Mortgage and financial matters
  • Home buying options
  • Community, model, and show home spotlights 
  • How the build process works
  • Popular lifestyle information (events, tips & tricks, and trends)
  • And much more...

When it comes to blogging, a big part of going inbound is understanding what purpose each piece of content serves, and where it sits in your marketing and sales funnel. If it's a top-of-funnel piece of content, it's important to not be “salesy”. The occasional update on your city’s hottest events or interior design trends is sometimes just what it takes to get massive engagement on social media. 

As your prospects move deeper into the funnel, you'll want to still educate them but also start to sprinkle in some marketing to position yourself as the builder of choice in the market. And when prospects reach the bottom of the funnel, you'll want to be a little more pushy with the sales and encourage them to put their hand up to speak with a sales rep.

Premium Content

Everyone loves free stuff.

When you give people something for “free”, they can’t help but want to give something back in return. This psychological phenomenon is known as the law of reciprocity and it can make or break your business.

How do you grow your e-mail list and create a warm audience to market to? A top strategy for doing this is to offer your clients free downloadable premium content in the form of ebooks, checklists, worksheets, and more.

To download one of your enticing premium content offers, the visitor must become a lead and give you permission to market to them by filling out an online form. You'll get a whole lot more leads if your premium content has a high perceived value.

Once that point of contact is established, the person has entered your marketing funnel. Now, you’ll be positioned to send them offers that are relevant to where they are in their home buyer’s journey. We truly believe that having plenty of great content is king, but remember that context is queen.


Now that you’ve got a plethora of valuable content for your target audience, you’ve also got a large list of leads that have given you permission to market to them! It's important to stay front-of-mind.

Our professionally designed newsletters are created to reflect your brand and remind your audience of your important updates, such as promos, available quick posession homes, and new show home openings! We also promote your premium content offers and provide a recap of your latest blog posts. All of this is done in an effort to keep your list warm, nurturing your leads with additional valuable content, and giving them every opportunity to put their hand up and engage with a sales person.

Social Media Updates

It's not enough to just publish remarkable content on your blog. The secret to a winning content marketing strategy is all in distributing your content and getting it in front of prospects! Promoting your content on social media is an essential part of your marketing engine.

Each time we publish one of your blog posts, we’ll share it to your company’s social media networks. Our media team is certified in direct response copywriting - meaning they've been trained to write enticing copy that's designed to make your audience want to click, like, share, and comment! 


Advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience. With over 2 billion users, this social media giant is absolutely home to thousands of ideal customers. Each of our packages includes a budget for Facebook advertising so we can really amplify your message and drive more leads back to your website!

Marketing Optimization & Maintenance

At Marketing Ninjas, we believe that yesterday’s best is today’s worst. In true ninja fashion, we follow the philosophy of Kaizen, a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of processes in an effort to be more efficient and eliminate as much waste as possible.

Our marketing optimization and maintenance hours are used to ensure that we’re always working towards improving your company’s marketing output. These hours are available to you to be used for additional technical assistance, landing page creation or updates, campaign setup - basically, if it's something we do in-house, you can use maintenance hours and it'll be done for you at no extra cost.

Monthly Reporting

You’ve heard of the popular adage, “You can’t improve what you do not measure.”

While there's a lot of debate about who ACTUALLY said it, there's no debate around whether or not it's true. 

That’s why we send you a review of your company’s marketing performance at the end of every month. 

In our marketing report, you'll get the important numbers you should be tracking each month laid out in beautiful, easy-to-read graphs and tables.

For example, we report on:

  • Conversion rates, customer cost-per-acquisition, and program ROI
  • Website traffic and which sources it came from
  • Number of new inbound leads compared to number of total leads
  • Number of inbound customers compared to number of total customers
  • Performance of your blog posts, emails, and landing pages
  • Total reach and a breakdown of your sources
  • And much, much more... 

While you can view these numbers in real-time by logging into your Hubspot portal, our end-of-the-month reporting is a comprehensive overview that is easy to digest and delivered to your inbox.

Take A Peek At Our Packages Investment Image-Cost- Investment

That burning question everyone wants to know... HOW MUCH?

First of all, let's attempt reposition this in your mind. Our program doesn't come at a 'cost' to you. It's an investment. And the reason we're adamant about calling it that is because we track and measure exactly how much net profit (yes, bottom-line dollars) our program has created for you. We give you a calculated ROI percentage each month. Our average client is earning a whopping 643% return on investment. That means for every $1 they invest in our program, we're putting $6.43 direct to their bottom line

Our entry-level package starts at $5,000 /month and they go up from there, depending on a variety of factors. These include the volume of content we produce, the hours allocated to maintenance and optimization, the amount of social media updates, how many marketing emails we're sending out per month, and if there are any additional services being added to the program.

It's important to note that all of our packages require a 1-year commitment once the setup is completed. That's to give us the time we need to get the funnel up, get it filled, and wait for the average of 60-90 days for prospects to enter and come out at the bottom as a highly-qualified sales lead eager to talk to your sales reps. 

What Option is Best For Me?

When it comes to our packages, size really does matter. The best option for your company depends on your company's current marketing resources and how fast you'd like to see a positive ROI. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right option for you:


  • An entry-level program (the 4-cylinder Honda) that is best suited for organizations that will be supplementing social media marketing and ad budget. The basic program takes the longest to get a positive ROI. Expect it to take a full 12-months to recoup your investment.


  • A solid, done-for-you program (think V-8 Camaro) that doesn’t require any additional digital marketing support. We do it all, and we do it well. Expect to recoup your investment on this program within 6-9 months.


  • This is the best-of-the-best program (that V-12 Lamborghini) designed to maximize your online exposure, generate loads of website traffic and leads, and nurture them until they're red hot and can't wait to talk to a sales rep. You'll recoup your investment inside of 6 months.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in selling more homes and partnering with the only agency you don't want working for the competition, you’ve met your match.

When you choose Marketing Ninjas, you're partnering with a team of experts that specialize in new home marketing. And you're investing in a one-of-a-kind digital marketing program that delivers more leads, a measurable ROI, and content that lasts. After all, why pay for a billboard or radio ad that runs for a month when you could invest in digital content that lasts forever?

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to talk! 

P.S. If you have questions about working with an agency, then you should check out the resource below. It's full of helpful information about what you need to know when evaluating and hiring a marketing agency to work alongside your home building company.

Click here to download your free home builder's handbook for evaluating and hiring a marketing agency today!


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