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Marketing Psychology: How Emotional Buying Triggers Work [Infographic]


Appealing to the logical mind is an important aspect of communication, but don't forget about the emotional side, too. Just like colours affect consumer behaviour, emotions play a major role in purchase decisions. 

In the Blue infographic below, you'll learn the key consumer emotions to focus on, why emotional triggers are effective across many platforms and audiences, and tips to craft your own emotional copy with the most powerful words and phrases.

10 Emotional Buying Triggers to Invoke

Here are ten emotional triggers with examples to show you how you can invoke a certain emotion from a consumer and make them more likely to buy from you:

Fear - "Don't get left behind!"

Guilt - "Your contribution can make the difference between these children eating dinner and going to bed hungry"

Trust - "No gimmicks or hidden costs"

Value - "You won't find a better deal anywhere else"

Belonging - "Join today and see what everyone's talking about"

Competition - "Be the envy of your neighbours"

Instant Gratification - "Talk to one of our representatives so you can stop worrying today"

Leadership - "Be the first of your friends to take advantage of this offer"

Trendsetting - "Be like your favourite celebs"

Time - "Clean your house in half the time"

Did you know that emotion is more effective than logic in advertising? It's true. When two groups of people received two different donation-seeking letters - one with stats and one with an emotional story - the emotional letter received an average donation over two times higher than the statistics-laden letter! Advertisers can see the effect emotions have on their campaigns as well. Here are some interesting stats to consider:

  • 31% of advertisers report significant profit gains with emotional campaigns.
  • Only 16% of advertisers report the same gains with rational campaigns.
  • 26% of advertisers report the same gains when using emotion and rationality.

Emotional Words to Use

Here are some examples of how you can take rational words and give them an emotional spin that appeals to how your audience is feeling:

"Additionally" >>>> "There's more"

"Immediately" >>>> "Right now"

"Superior" >>>> "Better"

"Concerned" >>>> "Worried"

Copywriting Terms that Influence Online Shoppers to Buy

"Free Shipping"

"Free Returns"

"In Store Return Option"

"Ability to use in store coupons online"

"Faster Shipping"

"Better Selection"

"More payment options"

"In store pickup option"

Tip: Make sure you know your market first before using any of these terms on your online store. Providers of high-end goods and services should avoid free offers, as it may appear to cheapen the brand.

Now you know what emotional triggers are and have some examples to help you appeal to what you want your audience to feel. When you understand what emotions trigger people to buy your product or service, the sales will roll in!



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Was this infographic on Emotional Buying Triggers helpful? Which emotions work best on your target audience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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