8 Marketing Design Trends for 2015 [Infographic] Blog Feature

By: Velocity23

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8 Marketing Design Trends for 2015 [Infographic]


Great design is proliferating both online and offline. Web and app design has grown up to embrace many strong principles that have been in print design for decades. The Internet has allowed graphic designers to share and be inspired by great works.

What does 2015 hold?

In the Coastal Creative infographic below, you'll see which marketing design trends are still going strong and the new ones to look out for.

Continuing Marketing Design Trends

1. Huge & Beautiful Images

In 2014, we saw large, high-quality images make their way into more designs. Thanks to free, unique stock image sites, as well as faster broadband speeds, the images got higher quality and even more unique. Humans are visual creatures, and in 2015 we'll see bigger and better images.

2. Semi-Flat Design

In late 2013 and early 2014, flat design exploded. Led by Microsoft and Apple, flat was the new black. Quickly, however, flat design evolved into flat-ish design that combined flat elements with real word enhancements. Google's Material design is the best example of this style, and we hope to see more of it in 2015.

3. Rich Content Experiences

It's taken long enough, but big media players have started to use the unique advantages of the web to create emotional visual experiences within long-form articles and content. What started with Snow Fall by the New York Times in 2012 has proliferated since then. Storytelling has become more intimate and visual.

4. Better Typography

It seems that more designs are incorporating better typography. Better visual hierarchy, more unique fonts, and strong statements. Look for more of this in 2015.

New Trend Predictions

5. Magic Realism

The company Magic Leap captured our imagination with just a few photo mockups and some good news coverage. Technology, wonder and Dr. Seuss's dreams align to make imagination real. We predict more magic will make its way into 2015 designs.

6. Hand-Drawn Illustrations

This is a bolder prediction because we've seen small illustrations pop up through the years. But with large imagery, strong font, and pleasing colours becoming standard designers will look to differentiate with designs that take hard work: unique, hand-drawn illustrations.

7. Background Video

If 2014 saw large high-quality images show up everywhere, 2015 will see large background explode onto more sites. With broadband speeds ever-increasing, it makes more sense to add to that rich website experience. It shows the soul of a company, without an in-your-face video. An ambient, ethereal feel that doesn't get in the way.

8. Cinemagraphs

More difficult to make than pure video or images, and more unique than either, designers looking to stand out will use cinemagraphs in their interactive storytelling in 2015. Although not brand new this year, with more adoption of rich content experiences, they will be the new, classier, version of GIFs.

With these marketing design trends in mind, you'll be able to give your visitors a better user experience and turn your website into a lead-generating machine. 

Marketing Design Trends for 2015 Infographic image

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