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By: Velocity23

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How to Create an Awesome Logo for Your Business [Infographic]


Maybe your current logo is just not cutting it anymore. It has lost its appeal and doesn't portray what your brand is all about.

Maybe you are a new business and need some guidance on how to create an awesome logo.

Whatever the case may be, the Company Folders infographic below has every element of a logo covered. Take this advice to the drawing board and build the perfect logo for your brand.

Be Enticing

Your logo needs to appeal to and match your target audience. For example, if you are selling a line of teddy bears, your audience is likely catering to children. The logo you create should be more of the cute and cuddly variety and less of the grizzly bear type.

Be Unique

Avoid obvious design choices and cliches. A global brand's logo should never be be a globe. An air travel company's logo shouldn't just be an image of an airplane and a company name. You get the idea. Be creative and have your logo speak to what you are without obvious undertones for what you do. 

Be Timeless

Making your logos externally relevant and recognizable to a lot of people is not easy and takes time. However, this should be your goal. You'll notice that timeless brands like Coca Cola and Nike stand out. They don't use trendy fonts and design. Trends come and go, so make your logo unique and memorable.

Be New

Strive for boldness with your design. Don't try and follow trends. Instead, create them. People should be transfixed by your logo's uniqueness. New is cool.  So be bold and take some chances in your design!

Be Simple

On the other hand, simple is cool too sometimes. Your logo doesn't have to be busy and super colourful. If you take the simple design route, make sure it says one thing and has a single message.

Be Consistent

You want to use your design to reinforce your brand. Keep it the same each time it is used or displayed so that it maintains one unified image. When creating you're logo, pay attention to details like balancing white space and having the font in your logo match the emotions you want to portray. 

Use Colour to Reinforce Your Message

Colours have a major influence on buying decisions. This is why you want your logo to have a colour scheme that matches the kinds of emotions you want consumers to feel. Red spreads a message of warmth and energy, but also of aggression. Orange is a communicative and adventurous colour. Purple shows intuitiveness and creativity. Which colours match your brand?

Be Adaptable

Does your logo look good whether it's small or large? It should have the same impact whether it's on a smartphone or giant computer screen. Your logo should also be clear, crisp, clean and easily identifiable when printed in black and white or just one colour.

If you'd like some help creating your logo, check out this amazing logo tool from Canva - professionally made templates and a drag-and-drop interface make it simple and fun to use!

Now you have some proven tips on how to create an awesome logo for your business. Have fun with the process and remember to always keep your brand message in mind as you begin designing a logo to define your business and stand out from the rest. 

How to Create an Awesome Logo for Your Business Infographic image

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Was this infographic on How to Create an Awesome Logo helpful to your business? If you're in the middle of building a logo, we'd love to hear how these tips helped in the comments below!

Originally posted August 5, 2015, updated May 14, 2019


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