How Often Should You Post on Social Media? [Infographic] Blog Feature

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How Often Should You Post on Social Media? [Infographic]

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How often are you posting to your social media accounts? Your social media efforts can really take you places if you know when to put your foot on the gas. 

Social "fuel" is the theme in the Buffer and SumAll infographic below. They've created a handy reference of the ideal posting frequencies across all your social media platforms in order to get the most mileage out of them.

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

Each social network has their own optimal posting times and content preferences, but have you ever wondered if there was such thing as posting too much or not enough? It's true. Here is a social posting guide for the seven most popular social platforms marketers are using today:


Top brands on Pinterest have experienced rapid growth by posting multiple times per day. If you have a lot of great content worth sharing, this is the place to share it on. On average, you should be posting about of five times per day.


Engagement slightly decreases after the third tweet, so stick to an average of 2-3 updates per day. The exception here would be if you're engaged in a conversation with someone! Too many posts in a day looks "spammy" and unauthentic. 


As a general rule, make sure you're posting consistently, at an average of three posts a day. Some users have experienced drops in traffic of up to 50% when they post less than normal.


You can post twice per day before likes and comments begin to drop off. Use Facebook Insights to see when most of your followers are online for an extra boost in engagement. 


Posting more often doesn't result in a drop in engagement, provided you can keep up the rate of posting. Instagram is a great social platform for businesses because they can post thought-provoking pictures and tell brand stories without worrying about posting too much content in one day.


Posting once a day during the work week allows you to reach 60% of your audience. This is an ideal schedule and one that can be easily maintained. Take a few minutes in the morning to share something your connections may find interesting or helpful.


Companies that increase blogging from 3-5 times a month to 6-8 times a month almost double their leads. Be consistent with your blogging strategy - choose two days each week where you have time to write.

Take these social posting times as a guide to help you create an engaging and effective social media strategy for your business! 

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Was this infographic helpful to your business? How often are you posting to your social media accounts? Let us know in the comments below!


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