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40 Examples of Good Branding [Infographic]


Some of the world's biggest and most successful companies share one big thing in common that has helped them achieve continued success and growth for so long. That thing? Brand recognition from a unique logo that has become a synonymous symbol for who they are. 

Below, you'll find an insightful infographic from Oomph that showcases forty examples of good branding and the hidden symbols inside some of the logos you've grown up with. 

What Are Some Examples of Good Branding?

On your daily commute to work how many billboards, businesses, signs, and cars do you see? Probably too many to remember. And when you get to work and check your emails or take out your phone for a quick glance at Twitter, how many brand logos do you see?

You live in a visual and increasingly digital world where marketers know how to position their brands where you can see them. They know how to use social media to grow their business through effective branding. This is why they also choose a specific colour scheme to affect what you buy.

Most of what we are exposed to only reaches our subconscious, but it's there. Our experiences with certain brands and how often we see their logo influences their recognition. The ultimate goal for a brand is to have its logo shown to a room of people and have everyone recognize it almost immediately. It is concrete evidence that their marketing strategy is working.

FedEx is a globally recognized brand that advertises its speed and delivery accuracy more than you might think. As you can see in their logo below, there is a perfectly hidden arrow between the 'E' and the 'X'.

NBC is another household name that has created a highly recognizable logo to represent what they stand for as a company. The white space in the centre of the NBC logo (seen in the infographic below) creates the silhouette of a peacock, and the colours of the rainbow are its feathers. Their logo symbolizes that they are proud of the content they broadcast. 40 Examples of Good Branding Infographic image

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