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Content Creation - 17 Tips To Crush Your Competition [Infographic]

Content Marketing

I'm really excited about our infographic this week - we're going to teach you 17 tips you can use in your content to create pieces that crush your competition's content.

Now that so many businesses are joining the content creation arena, it's getting harder to stand out. Fortunately, there are research firms that go out and find trends with content that converts, gets shared, has a high CTR and ranks better in the SERPs.

That is just what the people at Siege Media did and they put together the handy infographic below.

How about I do this...

Let me give you a short summary of the tips I found most appealing, then you can read over the full infographic below.

Sound good? Great! Let's get started.

URL Length

I talked about this in my on-page SEO ranking factors post but, having a short URL length is ideal. In fact, URLs that ranked #1 on average have 50 characters in the URL. Just think about when you're searching and the top two results look like this:


Which one would you rather click on? The second one, am I right? Plus it is better for the search engine spiders when they go looking at your site. So work to keep your URLs close to 50 characters.

Different Content Types

This one is really smart. If both you and your competition have a post on the same topic, then make sure yours has content types they don't. Add video, animations, memes, an interactive tool, or anything else your competitor doesn't have. This kind of stuff will make your content better for the user, more remarkable, and more share-worthy. Sure it will likely take you little longer to put this content out there, but it's better to make something great than to just dump out garbage (there's enough of that on the web).


This part is important so pay attention. On average, articles with nine images ranked #1 on SERPs. Now you don't want to just put any old image in your post. Getting high-quality, professional photos and graphics in your articles will get you 121% more shares on average. Also, you want to include an image every 75-100 words to get the most shares.

Scroll down to read the infographic for more.


So as you can see there are a lot of great tips you can use right away to get a leg up on your competition. Content is just one piece of the puzzle. However, everyone agrees that one key element to your content is the title.

Lucky you! We put together an ebook, complete with tips on writing an awesome title, and a full list of titles you can start using right now. It's quite popular if I do say so myself. Download The Ultimate Blog Title Swipe File now.

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What do you think of these content tips? Have you used any of them? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share this with your network! 


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