Boost Ad Performance Using Brain Anatomy [Infographic] Blog Feature

By: Velocity23

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Boost Ad Performance Using Brain Anatomy [Infographic]

Getting Found

Brains are good for more things than zombie food.

I am about to teach you how to use the human "animal brain" to make your ads perform better than you could ever imagine. If that interests you, keep reading. 

Working with people's emotions in advertising will really improve your chances of getting attention in a world where most people are bombarded with an average of 3,000 ads every day.

One of the quickest ways to personalize your ads is actually using the buyers journey. By personalizing the ad to your viewer's stage in the buyers journey your ad will be much more relevant.

This will create an emotional high in the ventral striatum of the brain. This will flood the viewer with dopamine and create a reward mentality in the brain which makes the viewer decide to read your ad creative and more than likely interact with your ad. 

Below I have included an awesome infographic from the people at Check it out for more information about using creative imaging to induce the right emotions in your ads to give you more of an advantage over your competitors. 

Boost Ad Performance Using Brain Anatomy Infographic Image

As you can see there are a lot of valuable lessons from science class you can use to make your advertising perform better. 

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What are you doing to make your ads perform better? Are you a marketer with an inner nerd that likes advertising science too? Please tell me I'm not alone by commenting below...


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