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5 Strategies for Social Media Branding Success [Infographic]

Social Media

The potential for business growth via social media is almost endless. Whether you want to gain subscribers, promote a service, or sell a product, the use of social media helps to build your social brand.

In the Full Impact Studios infographic below, you'll learn about five key strategies for social media branding success and why they're so important in growing your your business.

Choose Channels that Best Support Your Brand Image

While there is a multitude of social media platforms to choose from, not every channel is worth investing your time, effort, and money in. Before dwelling into the various social channels available, you have to determine which ones best support your brand image:

Facebook - With its heterogeneous user base, Facebook can be a great platform for building brand awareness and promoting virtually any brand. It's also one of the biggest and most influential networks today.

Instagram - If your brand relies heavily on visual content and targets young adults, this social network is a good option.

Pinterest - This platform is ideal if your focus is on creating eye-catching visuals and your target audience is predominately female.

LinkedIn - On the other hand, LinkedIn is a strong choice if your aim is to connect with corporate influencers, build a larger network, and promote business-related content.

Provide Exemplary Customer Service

One of the best ways to successfully build a brand is by going above and beyond customer service. After all, it is how you interact with your customers that can truly make or break your business. 

To keep up with your audience, you need an engaging social media strategy. Don't just post and share content. Turn your social sites into a platform where your customers can easily and comfortably reach you.

You should also make it a habit to monitor your channels, answer customer questions and respond to client feedback and comments, regardless if it is good or bad. When you deliver a thoughtful response in a timely manner, that visitor is flattered and intrigued by your brand. It's humanizing to take the time to respond to a personal inquiry, and it builds your authority.

Post on Google+ Regularly

Google+ isn't that big compared to others, but it does make a significant impact on your brand and your content's visibility on Google Search. Marketers believe that the second biggest factor in determining a brand's search ranking is Google+'s number of plays, as a Moz.com survey revealed.

When you post on Google+, you essentially receive free ad space every time someone searches for you on Google. In addition, Google+ is integrated with YouTube, which means users cannot comment or like a video if they are not logged into their Google account.

Deliver Interesting and Engaging Content

Brands these days are highly competitive. In order to cope with the competition and build better brand awareness, you have to be able to deliver relevant, interesting, and shareable content

If you're not sure what kind of content appeals most to your audience, try creating or sharing different types of articles, status updates, images, and videos. From there, you can find out which content type is most likely to gain high social media visibility. 

Get Involved and Make Connections

Your branding should ultimately draw people in. Get to know your customers and inspire them to share stories or experiences related to your brand through contests, giveaways, or meaningful advocacy. As you get involved with your community and find ways to build customer-brand relationships, you are able to improve your brand awareness as well as boost your brand exposure.

There's no doubt about it: social media is a powerful tool that a business can use to reach a wider scope of audiences and elevate its brand. Thus, it is vital to develop strategies for social media branding success.

5 Strategies for Social Media Branding Success Infographic image

Step-by-step guide to using social media

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