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By: Velocity23

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Writing Emails [Infographic]

Email Marketing

Writing emails in business is vital to your business success. Consider this: the average person knows 150 people well enough that they would show up at their funeral. One bad email and they all could be attending the funeral for your reputation. so think about that when you write your next email. To make it easier for you, we found this cheat sheet.

Email marketing gets a 4300% ROI according to these email stats from HubSpot. So it's in your best interest to take your time to do it properly.

Check Your Email Address

I will admit that I used my hotmail address at one time for a business I was running, I'm not perfect but I learned. Take a look at your email address. What does it say about you and your business? Is it That tells me you may not be professional enough to get your own domain-based email address. If I see a business with this email error I generally avoid them. I know that a large group of people do too. Some of them are your potential clients...

Subject Lines Have One Job

Use logical keywords in your subject lines. Keep your subject lines short and to the point. Remember that the job of the subject line is to get them to open the email to read it. Yes, sometimes a blind subject line can work well but do not use them frequently.

One of my favourite blind subject lines is "Photo enclosed - DO NOT BEND!" I have always gotten a high open rate with this one.

Email Etiquette

Try to reply back to emails as fast as possible. If you cannot reply back within 24 hours go ahead and let them know that you are working on it and will reply in more detail later.
Don't use emojis in your business emails, unless you know the person you are writing to very well.

Proofread your emails twice before sending. This does not mean using spellcheck, but rather, reading it out loud (you should still spellcheck though!). This is a great way to find errors in grammar and to find what doesn't read well. If it sounds horrible when you speak out loud it probably won't read well.

Check out the infographic below from DailyInfographic. I know it will be very helpful for you.


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