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Social Media and Mobile Use by Gender [Infographic]

Social Media

Do you know who your ideal customers are? Understanding the demographic of your target audience will help your greatly in your inbound marketing efforts. Gender plays a huge role in a person's social media and mobile use, so it's a good idea to know who your followers are. 

The below infographic from and Ruby Media shows how social media and mobile use differs between men and women. These statistics will help you formulate a better social media strategy for your business and optimize your mobile ads.

Social Media and Mobile Use: The Gender Divide

Men are more likely to use social media for business or dating.

Women are more likely to use social media for relationships, sharing, entertainment, and self-help.

Women also outnumber men in the top reasons for using the #1 social network, Facebook. These include: seeing photos and videos, sharing with many people at once, seeing entertaining posts, learning about ways to help others, and receiving support from people in their network.

Online Brand Interaction

  • Men prefer quick access to deals or information.
  • Women prefer a social media encounter with brands. They're more likely to follow a brand for deals too.
  • Women are less likely to take action on paid advertising. They ignore social media ads and mobile text ads more often than men.

What men look for in online ads:

  • Car themes
  • Sport themes
  • Action themes
  • Sexual themes

What women look for in online ads:

  • Sentimental themes
  • Family-oriented themes
  • Real-life situations
  • Pets and kids

The common ground for men and women and what they look for in online ads are:

  • Humour
  • Aspirational
  • Celebrity
  • Value
  • Endorsements

Mobile Outlook

Smartphone use is addictive because you can take your phone practically anywhere and do most things that a computer can. The smartphone trend points to women as the demographic that is more likely to use messaging, a social network, play games, or use their phone camera. Men prefer to watch videos, use GPS, read newspapers and listen to music.

Social Media and Mobile Use by Gender Infographic image

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