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How to Segment Your Email List for Maximum ROI [Infographic]

Email Marketing

Are you achieving the email marketing results you want? If you feel like your list has gone stale, don't worry. Email on Acid has created the awesome infographic below to help you better segment your email list for maximum ROI.

You'll be able to get your emails in front of the right people, at the right time, resulting in more revenue for your business.

8 Ways to Segment Your Email List

The key to a successful email list is knowing who your subscribers are and what they want. By segmenting them into groups based on certain factors, you're then able to send them the right message. Your subscribers will be more likely to open an email that connects with them at a deeper level. 

Here are the eight areas of email segmenting you should be focusing on for a more effective email marketing strategy


By gathering basic information like age or gender when someone opts into your list, you can segment and target your marketing efforts based on demographics.

Survey Results

With your opt-in box, less is more. Leverage a survey as a way to gather all that meaty information about your subscribers so you can segment based on their interests, emotions, and needs. This tactic is especially helpful if you offer multiple products or services.

Sending Frequency

It's tough trying to find the perfect sending frequency for your audience. Let your reader tell you when you should reach out so both parties win.


Knowing where your contacts live can be seriously powerful information and as easy to gather by adding a postal or zip code to your purchase or opt-in forms. A great way to utilize their geographic location would be by localizing subject lines.

Weather Patterns

This takes segmenting by geolocation to the next level. By leveraging weather-based email triggers, you can automatically select and deploy emails via your ESP to subscribers who live in an area that matches a campaign's weather logic.

Purchase Cycle

Where someone is in the sales funnel is critical in determining how and what you're messaging them. To create a more laser-focused segmentation strategy for your prospect, you need to see how far they've gotten in the buyer's journey by tracking their digital behaviour.

Past Purchases

Knowing what someone has purchased in the past means you can use that information to send them emails catered to what interests them. This will lead to more purchases and creates a longer lifetime value of a subscriber.

Email Activity

By tracking past opens, forwards and clicks, you can see who your engaged (and not so engaged) consumers are. Then send unique incentive offers to reel 'em back in!

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