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The Most Popular Words in Social Media That Will Get Your Content Shared [Infographic]

Social Media

Sometimes what you say is more important than how you say it. This statement holds a lot of weight in the world advertising, direct response copywriting and of course, social media.

Check out this helpful infographic below by QuickSprout. Learn the most popular words in social media to get your content shared.

The Importance of Words

  • Words are essential in Social Media.
  • You must use persuasive words.
  • Certain words hold more power over our decision making process than others.
  • You need to understand why the words are persuasive and be able to use them in the context that works for your audience and your business.

What are some of the best words to share on Facebook?

  • "Tell Us"
  • "Take" 
  • "Comment"
  • "Deals"
  • "When"
  • "Where"
  • "Submit"
  • "Post"
If you're running a contest or promotion, you should avoid using words like "contest", "promotion", "sweepstakes" and "coupon". Instead, focus on the reason why users should share your content: They want to win!  You should be using words like "win", "winning", "winner" and "events" to grab your audience's attention and make them want to act on your offer.

LinkedIn is a great social community for sharing like-minded content with your business connections. Because it is a social network targeted at business professionals, it's best to keep your vocabulary in line with that audience. Here are some words that will help you stand out amongst the crowd:
  • "Created"
  • "Increased"
  • "Researched"
  • "Accomplished"
  • "Reduced"
  • "Improved"
  • "On Time"
  • "Under Budget"
  • "Developed"

Some words may sound good in your posts, but they may be overused. Avoid words like "strategic", "creative", "driven", "effective" and "innovative".

Don't be shy with your words! Experiment with different phrases, incorporating these shareable words when promoting your content. Look at what is working and write it down. Try rewording posts that aren't gaining traction and keep trying until you come up with something that sticks. It takes time to consistently write posts that will entice users to check out what you're sharing and make the decision to share what you have to say to their group of friends and followers.

Using a few key words in each post may seem mundane, but it ties right into your content marketing strategy. Each post you write on social media that promotes the content you want to share is a marketing tool to help you achieve the results you want.

Most Popular Words in Social Media That Will Get Your Content Shared Infographic image

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