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Here's What You Need to Know About Mobile Ads [Infographic]


There's a new star in town. He's flexible, you can track who sees him and what buttons they like to push. He doesn't mind, in fact, that's what he's employed to do. You can view him on a variety of devices with ease and count on him to get your message out to the masses with precision. This mysterious marketing genius goes by the name of Mobile Ads.

The move towards mobile ads makes sense in our increasingly social world. It seems like everyone has a smartphone and is connected to multiple social networks on a daily basis.

Unlike the traditional marketing mediums where you place an expensive T.V. or newspaper ad and have no way of knowing how many people truly see it or what demographic they are a part of, mobile ads can be programmed to keep track of a number of useful statistics.

That's the beauty of mobile ads; it's all in the details. 

What You Need to Know About Mobile Ads

Mobile ads allow you to create a specific demographic, choose your reach, budget and conversion points while having constant access to monitor how well each one is performing.

It's also a much cheaper advertising method. Compared with a national newspaper ad, it can cost less than 97% to reach the same amount of viewers. Sounds like a pretty good deal, hey?

In order to get the most out of your ads, you will need to optimize your site for mobile. There are two choices of design that you can use depending on your needs. A responsive website design ensures your site will look the same and adapt to the movements you make, no matter which device it's viewed on. If you want a different URL to access the mobile site from the desktop version, a native mobile website is the better choice. It is also good for sites that have a lot of pages and want to simplify things.

The fine folks over at WhoIsHostingThis? created the awesome infographic below that tells you what you need to know about mobile ads so you can start achieving your marketing goals. 


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