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Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018


We saw a lot of action on our blog in 2018; seems like you home builders are looking for more information! We thought it would be helpful to showcase the top-read posts of 2018, so you can see what is sparking interest in the industry.

These posts are the ones you don't want to miss out on!

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Facebook Advertising ImageHow to Use Facebook Advertising as a Home Builder

This was, by far, our most popular post last year, and it's easy to see why. Facebook advertising (especially as a home builder) has a lot of details that can trip up anyone! Our social media advertising expert Casey breaks down how to advertise on Facebook for you.

He's covered why you should be using it, he dives into the details on how to create specific audiences <- this is a big one, and he's given you specific examples (with screenshots) on what kind of ads you should be running.

Check out Casey's post on Facebook Advertising to see what you can add to your social media marketing strategy. Even if you've read this post already, go ahead and get a refresher.

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Strategies ImageHome Builder Marketing Strategies That Work

This article has nine different marketing strategies you can try out. Some of these involve social media, others get into some technical details, and even reviews some strategies you can use for your website.

Of course one of largest, and most important, strategies is Facebook but we've also discussed YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. There are some industry-specific strategies you can utilize on Houzz and we've given you some great tools for search engine optimization.

Click here to learn about each strategy in this post.

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Content King ImageContent May Be King, But Context is Queen

If it's been said once, it's been said 100 times - you need content. But what's becoming more and more clear throughout the digital marketing world is that it has to be QUALITY content. And that means aligning it with context, in relation to your readers.

This article goes deep into how that works and how you can do it, step-by-useful-step, including mapping out your buyer personas and the buyer's journey, along with three ways to put it into practice.

If you only click on one link, make it this one. You won't regret it (but you should really check them all out!).

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Buyer Personas ImageHow to Create Home Buyer Personas

Next on our list is our article all about creating home buyer personas, which actually ties in with the post above! To create the right content for your readers, you need to know the people you're writing for.

In this post, you're going to learn exactly what a buyer persona is, why you need one, and most importantly, how to create one for your home building company.

Complete with two useful example infographics you can swipe and deploy and a summary video (in case you don't have time to read it all), this post has everything you need to know about creating your own home buyer persona(s).

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Top Keywords ImageHow to Find the Top Keywords for Your Home Builder Website

This one is a doozy. In it, Sereena covers all you could want to know about finding the keywords you should be using for your home builder website.

We're talking how the Hummingbird Update flipped the SEO world on its head, how over-optimizing actually affects your site and rankings, how ranking information works, and how to research and find your top keywords along with tools to do just that.

At 11 minutes read time, this is a longer article but 100% worth it, especially if you're struggling with keywords and SEO.

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Leads Showhomes Image6 Ways to Drive More Qualified Leads to Your Showhomes

So looking at just the title of this one, you can probably see why it made this round-up! However, it's not just fluff here - this article really does give you six ways to drive more leads out to your showhomes.

We all know that if you want to sell more homes, you need to get more people into your showhomes. By using even one of the techniques we talk about, your sales team will see that increase. Ideally, you want to use all six ways since they do work well together ;)

If you've noticed that your showhome traffic has flatlined, click here to see what you should be doing about it.

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Facebook News Feed ImageHow Your Business Can Survive the 2018 Facebook News Feed Changes

At the beginning of 2018, Facebook made an announcement. One of THOSE kinds of announcements. An overhaul of how the feed and what shows to users will change.

And marketers all over the world were very worried.

This post has helped many people work with the changes in the news feed, which is exactly what you need to do to stay relevant on Facebook.

Take a read through this post to see what you should have been doing to survive the Facebook News Feed Change. And if you haven't made any adjustments yet, it's never too late to start!

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Pre-Construction Ads ImageHow to Create Facebook Pre-Construction Ads That Work

Speaking of Facebook...

We've got another article from Casey for you (he's a popular guy!) that goes into the particulars about Facebook ads for home builders. This 10-minute read will have you set.

This article talks about formats, sizing, the one key component you need to include in your ads and the major mistake many people make. You'll also learn some great tips on creating your audience.

If you're ready to learn how to create great Facebooks ads, click here!

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Get Prospects ImageHere’s How to Get Prospects Into Your Showhomes Faster

We weren't surprised when we saw this one on our list, as we talked about earlier, it's a hot topic for home builders. In this post, Sereena talks about how you can remain competitive with prospects BEFORE they decide to head out to a showhome, so when they do, they choose yours!

This article teaches you what to do online to reach more people earlier in their home-buying process, which translates into - you guessed it! More people visiting your showhomes.

This post is only a seven-minute read, and it's full of great info. Check it out!

Marketing Ninjas' 10 Top Articles of 2018 Marketing Tools Image16 Marketing Tools Home Builders Need to Try

Last up on this 2018 round-up is this comprehensive guide of tools home builders can utilize. Split up into "departments" this list goes through all the tools you, as a marketer for a home builder, could need.

We're talking content/writing, email, social media, video, and more! We've got a recommendation to help you out. Note: none of these are affiliate links, by the way. This is simply a helpful guide of softwares and tools for you to check out!

If you're looking to add some more hardware to your marketing toolbox, read through this post and see what stand out.

There you go! These are the top ten most popular posts from 2018. Let us know which one (or ones!) were your favourites, even if it didn't make this list ;)

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