Marketing Ninjas at the 2018 International Builders Show in Orlando! Blog Feature

By: Velocity23

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Marketing Ninjas at the 2018 International Builders Show in Orlando!


2018 marks the first year Marketing Ninjas was able to exhibit at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida, which ran from January 9 - 11. We've gone previous years as attendees but this year we had a booth as well.


What an exciting week!

It was a whirlwind, from set up to tear down but such an amazing time. 

Our team worked together to really talk with attendees, learning what they needed; plus the free candy didn't hurt ;)

President and CEO, Jeff Schneider, did not one but TWO Tech Byte presentations - an educational component of the show that focuses on technology.

Session #1 was titled "Marketing Automation: How to Chose The Right Platform to Successfully Grow Your Business" and was done with our wonderful HubSpot partner, Anna. Jeff went solo for Session #2; "Optimizing Facebook For Marketing: It’s Not About The Likes" but Casey, our resident social media expert, was also on hand to help answer questions for attendees. You can grab a copy of the slide deck for the Facebook presentation here.


Click here to download the Facebook Tech Bytes session slides


As for myself and Amanda, we held down the fort, working the front lines of the booth - with a little support from Anna on Wednesday (thanks!).

When Casey and Jeff weren't busy educating attendees, they were also in the booth, talking with people and getting in on the fun!

We have to send a shout out to Josh McGinnis from GreenTech Homes in Chattanooga! He was the winner of our in-booth giveaway - a beautiful 49" flat screen TV!

He seemed pretty excited - Congratulations!


That's a wrap for this year. To the organizers of this event, you did a fantastic job, I can't even imagine just the administrative work involved... Thank you to our awesome team for all the support and hard work leading up to the show, and thank you so much to everyone who stopped by our booth to chat or snag a piece of candy!

Click here to download the Facebook Tech Bytes session slides


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