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By: Velocity23

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Facebook Advertising For Business With Custom Audiences [Infographic]

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If you want to increase your return on investment with Facebook advertising for business then you need to learn about Facebook Custom Audiences.

As a marketer that is very well versed in Facebook advertising and attracting customers, I can say that people who have high levels of success in Facebook advertising are the ones who use Facebook Custom Audiences. That includes the tools that go along with it.

You can think of a Facebook custom audience as your CRM, except on Facebook.

Now imagine how powerful it would be to your business if you could take your CRM to a magic genie and say to that genie "Look at these people. I need to add people to my CRM that look a lot like these people." Well, Facebook Custom Audiences is that magic genie; the one that will say "Your wish is my command". Here's the thing. It allows you to use something called a Lookalike Audience to find those people. In 20 minutes you could have a list of 1.3 million people that look just like the people that are in your CRM.

Some other profitable features of Facebook custom audiences are:

  • Adding people that are in your CRM right now and advertising to them on Facebook.
  • Creating a list of people that have downloaded your app and targeting them
  • Following up with people who have visited your website (this includes people who have visited certain pages on your website but not others!)

You have the ability to build as many Facebook Custom Audiences as you want. Once you have these custom audiences built, you have the ability to push these audiences through a filter and narrow down the size of your audience to focus your message on people who are more likely to engage with your company and convert.

The infographic below from Qwaya shows just how detailed you can get with these audiences.


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