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How to Choose the Right Digital File Formats for Your Images [Infographic]


Digital images fill up our inboxes, take up computer memory space and take time to load on a web page. When working with digital image files there are certain file types to use for each circumstance.

In the WhoIsHostingThis? infographic below, you'll learn more about what these digital file formats are and when you should be using them.

Digital File Formats

Here are the best uses for each of the three digital file formats you will choose from:


Use this file type for still images, real-world images, and images with complex colouring or light and dark shading.


This file format is best used for web graphics with minimal colour, small icons, animations, and simple images (line drawings, single-colour borders, and simple cartoons).


The PNG file format was designed as a way around patent issues with the GIF format, and includes benefits from both GIG and JPEG formats. This digital file type is best used  for web images such as logos that involve transparency and fading. It also works well for complex images like photographs or images in the middle of the editing process.

With the variety of image file formats available you can use the right format for your images to save quality and space on your website, in your emails, and your personal digital scrapbooks.

How to Choose the Right Digital File Formats for Your Images Infographic image

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Was this infographic helpful to you? Which digital file formats do you normally use and why? Let us know in the comments below!


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