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Email Open Rates - What 13 Billion Emails Told Us [Infographic]

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Email marketing is constantly evolving. While the basic premise remains the same, you have to keep up with what your market wants.

With that in mind, we're bringing you this infographic.

Now, you're going to learn what analyzing 13 billion emails said about email market share and how people open their emails.

What can you do with this information?

By having this kind of data at hand, you now have a roadmap to ensure your emails are designed and optimized for the email platforms that the majority of people use on a daily basis. Better optimization = higher open rates = higher email marketing ROI.

And isn't that the goal?

Having a great email subject line is one thing, but will it display properly on the platform your reader is using? 55% of emails are opened on mobile while only 19% are opened on a desktop. In fact, since 2011 desktop opens have dropped a whopping 39%! You can bet that most businesses are still optimizing for desktop software like Outlook and Thunderbird.


In 2015, iPhone took the top slot with a 33% market share of mobile opens but, Android rose 35% to take 10% of the market share. iPad has dropped 5% to now represent a 12% market share.


Desktop opens have remained pretty much the same, except for Outlook which took a 33% dive to go from 9.5% market share to 6.4%. It's interesting to note the 536% jump Thunderbird took, even though this represents less than 1% market share it is pretty impressive!


It is speculated that people are jumping ship from the Gmail app and switching to the native email apps on both iOS and Android. This is likely due to the poor support for responsive design in the Gmail app.

There is a lot of information in the infographic from Litmus so be sure to check it out.

Email Open Rates - What 13 Billion Emails Told Us Infographic Image

There you have it, the data to help you get higher open rates for your emails. Remember that email is only part of your inbound marketing toolkit. To make sure you have your inbound marketing campaign squared away, download our FREE Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist.

Click here to get your free checklist and start creating your own inbound marketing campaign today!

What do you think of these email stats? What is your biggest challenge with email marketing? Comment below and let us know. Don't forget to like and share this post.


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