Advertising on Instagram: A Better ROI Than Facebook? [Infographic] Blog Feature

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Advertising on Instagram: A Better ROI Than Facebook? [Infographic]

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Advertising on Instagram Infographic Featured ImageFacebook has long been the king of social media marketing and advertising for marketers. Its user base is the largest of all social networks, and all you have to do is browse through your news feed to see how many ads are shown to you on a daily basis (hint: it's a lot).

How many users aren't shown your updates, though?

Facebook holds the key to who sees what, and when. Luckily there's another, royally effective social platform in the marketing monarchy - Facebook's younger brother, Instagram. His advertising opportunities are really heating up, too.

In the selfstartr infographic below, you'll see why you need to start using the bountiful, largely unchartered waters of Instagram as part of your marketing strategy. The facts are there, and so are the highly-engaged users. What are you waiting for? Brand growth, new customers, and more revenue await.

Instagram Advertising Facts and Figures

Here a few key takeaways from this infographic to consider as you strive to build a better social media marketing strategy

68% of Instagram users engage with brands regularly. That is more than double the user engagement level on Facebook.

Brands on Instagram reach 100% of their followers per post. Growing your following is encouraged and will boost your marketing efforts. This isn't the case on Facebook, where only 6% of brand followers can see what they post.

Instagram followers are worth more, plain and simple. They have an average order value of $65, which is $10 more than Facebook. It's a great platform to market your products and boost sales!

Advertising on Instagram: A Better ROI Than Facebook? Infographic image

Step-by-step guide to using social media

Was this Advertising on Instagram infographic interesting? If you're already using Instagram to grow your brand, we'd love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments.


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