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'Addictive' Smartphone Statistics [Infographic]


How many of you would be lost without your smartphone? Could you function without the convenience of 24/7 access to all of your mobile interests? The smartphone statistics on this infographic from OnlineColleges sum up the state of our smartphone-savvy world with some not-so-surprising results.

Smartphone users were surveyed and 65% said "I can't live without my phone!". That statement seems like a bit of an exaggeration, but with society's increasing dependence on social media and their phones becoming social safety blankets, we can see how heavy users would feel completely lost.

The numbers don't lie. More than half of iPhone users use their phones in social settings and some may argue this "addiction" is suppressing normal social skills. This behaviour is being exposed to the next generation of tech-crazed kids, furthering the problem.

But as much as smartphones may be turning people into phone zombies, they aren't all bad.

What About Other Devices?

The introduction of the smartphone meant other devices became virtually obsolete for the average user. With an iPhone, you have access to an iPod, camera, and GPS all in one small but powerful device.

Once you've added all of your favourite apps like Instagram, the home computer becomes a thing of the past too. The convenience factor plays a huge part in the popularity of smartphones because you can do practically everything a computer can do, wherever you may be. Top it off with some free wifi and you're in social media heaven. Marketers have taken note of these increasing mobile trends and are investing a lot of money into social media marketing.

Gone are the days of big, bulky cellphones that cost a small fortune - did you know that the first mobile phone cost $3,995?! They're not just for the rich and powerful.

We've come a long way in the evolution of cellular devices to see just how smart they can be.

For those of us that use our phones to study, they are helping us become smarter too. We are three times more likely to track our academic progress and will study for 40 minutes more each week. It's all about being "smart" with your smartphone!

Apple or Android?

Not surprisingly, there is a divide amongst the two main smartphone powerhouses, Apple and Android, each with massively loyal customers. According to a study, iPhone users are the happiest out of the bunch and have a more optimistic view of the future than Android users.

Remember the BlackBerry? Their bleak future in the smartphone business is translated into their users' feelings, with one-third of BlackBerry users expecting something to go wrong if it can.


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