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The ABCs of Effective Landing Pages [Infographic]

Lead Generation

Landing pages are the doors to lead generation success. A visitor to your website may read a blog post with information he was looking to find. Having effective landing pages for your visitors to go to next, whether it's for a free guide or to learn more about a product, is how you capture leads and bring them through the buyer's journey, hopefully on their way to becoming a customer.

Below, you'll find a cool infographic from Copyblogger with a list of all the must-have elements for effective landing pages. 

The Landing Page Alphabet

A is for Analytics, without them you're lost. Ignorance is bliss only if you don't know the cost.

B is for Bounce Rate, how quickly they go. How many left that you did not get to know?

C is for Conversion, call them to act. The copy should lead them to something they lack.

D is for Design, with functional intent. The flow should earn visitors to help pay your rent.

E is for Engagement, a sensory affair. Spark their imagination to help keep them there.

F is for Flow, from headline to goal. The job of the words is to lead and to show.

G is for Goal, there should be only one! More than that and you might as well have none.

H is for Headline, without one you're dead. Its singular goal: get the next sentence read.

I is for Imagery, to engage all the senses. Metaphors and similes collapse all defences. 

J is for Justification, no claim should lack it. It isn't bragging if you have facts to back it.

K is for KPIs, the metrics that matter. For pages that hand you more sales on a platter.

L is for Layout, to complement design. If both work together the outcome's divine.

M is for Mistakes, some things to avoid. Clutter and confusion leave visitors annoyed.

N is for Navigation, I recommend none. We don't want them leaving 'till the copy is done.

O is for Optimization, to tweak toward the best. This requires you to measure and to test, test, test!

P is for Performance, the quicker the better. If it takes too long they won't read a letter.

Q is for Qualifying, to include and weed out. Talk only to those you are truly about.

R is for Resistance, which just needs preempting. References build trust and make you more tempting.

S is for SEO, keywords that stick. Make use of the language that drove them to click.

T is for Traffic, starving and ready. If you slake their big thirst then the flow will be steady.

U is for Understanding your customer ideal. For solving their problem with just the right zeal.

V is for Visuals, videos and images. A picture can show better than thousands of sentences.

W is for Writing, the heart of the matter. The premise, the promise, in stages of chatter.

X is for XRAY, for looking inside. From whence came your traffic, and what they decide.

Y is for You, the soul of the page. Personality comes through as you write to engage.

Z is for Zen, simplicity and peace. You solve their problem, and they'll pay your lease.

That is what makes an optimized landing page, now it's your turn to try. You'll know yours works well because you can see why!




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Was this infographic on Effective Landing Pages helpful to your business? Were you missing any important elements in your landing page strategy? Let us know in the comments below!


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