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97.9% Of Online Surveys FAIL Without These 4 Elements [Infographic]

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In this post, you're going to learn the four key elements you need to have on your surveys.

Without them, you have a 97.9% chance of failing.

Surveys are a vital part of the delight stage of the inbound marketing methodology and for good reason...

You use surveys to get feedback from your customers about:

  • how to make your business better
  • what areas of your business they love
  • learn about your customers' needs
  • identify areas of improvement for your business
  • and more...

For example, if you were an RV Builder you may find that by surveying the customers who bought your latest Class-A motorhome that they hate the valences above the windows and would prefer solid colors as supposed to patterns (not everyone loves the retro look).


Think of incentives as an exchange of services rather than a bribe. I remember in 2006 I was paid $75 by a major alcoholic beverage manufacturer to take part in a case study. I got booze, crackers, money and a little tipsy. They got valuable market research. It was a great experience all around. You can do the same thing with your online surveys. Maybe an Amazon gift card, a cheque mailed out to them, or a year-long magazine subscription, if it's relevant.

Whatever you offer, just know that it boosts response rates by 10-15%.


More and more people use mobile to access the web than their computer. Don't believe me? Go walk around in public. You're bound to see people walking around staring down at their phones while bumping into other people, walking into poles and tripping over sidewalks. It's like a zombie apocalypse out there. So take advantage of it and make your survey mobile friendly. That way when your post comes up in their social media feeds or email they can fill out your survey on their phone and then get their incentives.

If you want to know the rest of the tips you'll have to read through the great infographic from the people at Qsample.


There you have it, you can now follow the tips in the infographic and beat 98% of your competition when it comes to surveys! Now remember that surveys are part of navigating the buyer's journey. You can learn more about how to navigate it by clicking the button below.

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Have you used surveys for your business? What was your biggest takeaway from this post? Let us know in the comments. Don't forget to share this post!


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